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About the Mephisto Expert Travel Chesscomputer

We'd like to welcome you to the exciting world of computer chess! Whether you're just starting to learn about this great game or you're already a seasoned player, using your new chess computer will give you the opportunity to discover so much more about chess than you ever thought possible! Take a look through this manual to get an overview of your computer's capabilities — all the special features and modes, all the unique options and playing levels. And take advantage of them over time, one by one! You'll have great fun — and you'll never look at chess the same way again!

Your computer knows all the rules of chess — and it will never cheat! For those of you who haven't played before, we have included a brief overview of the rules to get you started. For more detailed information, why not visit your local library, where you're sure to find lots of interesting chess books!




Saitek’s most sophisticated portable chess computer. Program strength combined with many advanced features makes this the ultimate compact computer available for the expert chess player.

  • ULTIMATE EXPERT STRENGTH: to challenge even tournament level players! The strenght is about 2000 ELO.
  • PLAYING OPTIONS: user-selectable Search Algorithms for customization
  • SELFSTUDY OPTIONS: Setup positions; all major openings an grandmaster moves stored; plus extra insight through Info Mode
  • COMPACT DESIGN: compact laptop style case; flip down lid, pieces storage are and integrated LCD screen


On the Blitz and Tournament levels, you have a fixed amount of time for each game, and the remaining time decreases as you think. On these levels, players often find themselves running out of time towards the end of the game - struggling to try and make good moves in a hurry, and often ending up making inferior moves instead.

The Bronstein Clock option offers special time controls that can help alleviate such problems. This is accomplished by adding a certain amount of time back to your remaining time after each move, where the remaining time for the whole game is only reduced if you go over this fixed time level. Here's an example: Let's say you're playing Blitz Level D4, where you have a total of 20 minutes for the whole game. Activating the Bronstein +bC: 10 option will give you a maximum of 10 seconds time compensation per move (added after you make your move). Note that you can't gain extra time or increase overall thinking time by playing each move more quickly, since:

  • If you use 7 seconds to make your move, only 7 seconds will be added to your total remaining time, not 10 seconds.
  • If you use 10 seconds or more to make your move, only 10 seconds will be added back to your total remaining time.


Normally, the computer's display shows the time for the player to move. However, the computer can also display other information (see Info Mode). The Rotating Display feature works hand-in-hand with Info Mode, since it allows you to choose which of the Info Displays you want to see, and then cycles your choices in one-second increments. You may turn on any of the Rotating Display options, as desired.


Imagine this: You're playing chess against a friend, and it's his move. You'd love to know what move he's thinking about, and you'd really like to get his opinion of the board position. But, of course, you won't ask — because that's just not done! Well, guess what — when you play against this chess computer, you can ask anything you want, and you'll get all the answers! In fact, you can get an incredible amount of information about the computer's thought process. On request, it will show you the move it's thinking of, the line of play it expects after that move, its evaluation of the current board position, how deeply it is searching, and more. As you can imagine, studying this information can help you learn so much more about chess!

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