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Kasparov Fighting Chess
1993 - 1998

Tibor Karolyi
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 304

Artikelcode: 978-0-713489-94-1

Kasparov Fighting Chess<br>1993 - 1998

Garry Kasparov has dominated the world of competitive chess for longer than any world champion. The period 1993–1998 represents one of the richest phases in his career. With the announcement of his retirement, it is only appropriate that the games should now be appreciated in the greatest depth possible. Earlier games are analyzed with computer assistance for the first time – sometimes revealing blemishes in existing analysis – showing the richness of thought and the supreme versatility of the player many consider to be the greatest of all time.

Particular emphasis is placed on evaluations of the openings chosen and statistics on the champion's record against his most fiercely competitive rivals. 

The author, International Master Tibor Károlyi, who played against Kasparov as a World Junior, gives an appreciation of an undoubted genius – this is an unashamed celebration of dynamism, diligence, desire and fighting chess. 

€ 23.95