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How to play
the English opening

Anatoly Karpov
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 191

Artikelcode: 978-071-3490-65-7

How to play<br>the English opening

In this book, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, winner of over 200 international chess tournaments, shares his first hand knowledge and experience of the English Opening with club and tournamnent players of all levels.

The English Opening, from the Flank Games group, was developed by Howard Staunton. In this opening, white avoids or delays the occupation of the centre with Pawns. 

Once considered a minor diversion, the English is now one of the main openings and all modern world champions have played it. One of the most famous world champions, Anatoly Karpov, brings his sharp eye and extensive experience to bear in this concise introduction to the opening. 

Like the previous volumes from Karpov on the Caro-Kann, it is a rich book with terrific insight that is ideal for all players, particularly club players.

€ 14.95