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Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer

Schaakcompuer voor mee op reis
Speelsterkte tot 2000 ELO

Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer

Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer


This is the successor of the much wanted Kasparov Cosmos Chess Computer.

Tournament performance at (at least) FIDE Elo 2000. (Not a fancy manufactorers estimated Elo). So, apart from Pocket Fritz 2 (the best chess playing programm on expensive PDA's with Windows CE) it is the leading dedicated chess computer to take with you while you're on the road. But what do we say? Yes, it is small and cheap, but stronger than most larger & tablewide chesscomputers.

Saitek's strongest travel chess computer is featuring a brand new powerful RISC style processor for fast response. Over 500 level/setting combinations for a wide variety of playing styles. New "Guardian Angel" Coach protects users by warning against tactical blunders. User selectable computer playing styles such as Selective, Brute Force, Passive etc. let you experience different types of opponents.

Program Features

Ultimate expert program strength:to challenge even
tournament level players!
64 Playing Levels:Normal,Infinite,Tournament,Blitz,
Fun,Mate Search,Training,Adaptive
Coach mode – capture alert and tactical alert warnings
Playing Options:user-selectable Search Algorithms for
50-move Take Back
Setup option – to try out new positions and moves
All major openings and many famous grandmaster
moves from which to learn
Info Mode – giving extra insight to the computer ’s
Other General Features

Compact laptop style case with flip down lid
Pewter and silver effect peg pieces
Pieces storage area for safe keeping
Integrated LCD screen
Built in Chess Clock
Automatic Power Down Feature – conserve battery life
Unfinished games held in memory
Requires 4 X AA batteries (not included)

€ 95.00