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World Champion Tal

Chessbase team
CD-ROM Version
Language: English

Artikelcode: 3-935602-54-5

World Champion Tal<br>

The rapid pace at which the young Tal late 50s took the top world by storm and in 1960 captured the world title from Botvinnik, alone was enough to secure him a special place in the chess world. But even more it was the way his attacking game, which he won the hearts of the chess lovers all over the world. So became Tal, despite its short tenure on the chess throne in his lifetime a legend. 

Johannes Sondermann, the author of the biographical part of the CD, has drawn an objective character image of the world champion. During his extensive research, he interviewed the widow Tal and can provide including some of the "private" Tal.

All features of this CD:

Extensive collection of 2857 games. 
Biographical section (text + pictures).
Extensive video interview with the widow of Tal.
Other historical Videos.
Training database with 245 Tal-games.

€ 24.95