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The attacking manual 2
Technique and Praxis

Jacob Aagaard
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 461

Artikelcode: 978-9-197600-41-5

The attacking manual 2<br>Technique and Praxis

English Chess Federation's Book of the Year, 2010.

The old masters dealt only with the static features of positional rules.
But, these are insufficient to explain the basics of chess. The problem is that chess, like other sciences, has undergone a dynamic revolution, but chess literature does not yet reflect this. In this major work Aagaard explains the rules of attack (the exploitation of a dynamic advantage), balanced between understandable examples, and deep analysis.

Five years in the making, this book deals with weak kings, sacrifices, various minor attacking themes, intuitive sacrifices, opposite castling, modern king hunts, and enduring initiative.

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