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Endgame Tactics

Ger van Perlo
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 480

Artikelcode: 978-9-056911-68-3

Endgame Tactics

Third, Improved Edition: January 2008

WINNER of the ECF BOOK of the YEAR 2006 Award! 

WINNER: ChessCafe 2006 Book of the Year!

Are you tired of studying endgames that NEVER come up in real life? Here's help! Enjoying endgame tactics is the all-important (but oft-forgotten) first step in mastering this important phase of the game. Endgames are actually fun.

Why is it that most amateur chess players love opening and middle game tactics but hate endgames? Why do they usually look at only a couple of pages in any chess endgame theory book they own? Working through theoretical endgame lessons can seem like a chore if you don't see the fun of it. 

ENDGAME TACTICS is an affordable guide that reduces the psychological burden of endgame instruction by showing that endgames are actually quite enjoyable – because of the tactics!

There is no substitute for hard work in getting better at chess, but the fact of the matter is that we always work harder at something we love. By enjoying the entertainment of real life endgame tactics, and (at least for the moment) forgetting about theoretical positions that seem distant from everyday practice, the amateur player learns to love the endgame. 

Endgames are fun, and ENDGAME TACTICS proves it.

€ 27.95