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My Search For Chess Perfection

C. Purdy, J. Hammond and
R. Jamieson
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 418

Artikelcode: 978-1-888710-42-X

My Search For Chess Perfection

My Search For Chess Perfection; a remarkable treatise on everything about your becoming a stronger, more effective chess player, authored by one of the best chess writers ever- C.J.S. Purdy. 

The lasting mark this Australian left with chess players, through articles like the ones in this book, contain some of the most thoughtful, useful, and entertaining examples ever to come from a chess master's "pen" for intermediate-level players. He also had no problem in disagreeing with established "authorities".

CJS Purdy spent much of his life "searching for perfection"' concerning his favorite game. In 1953 he attained a form of that perfection when he became the world's first correspondence chess champion. Besides being a profound thinker he was also an excellent teacher. Purdy died in 1979 though his teachings have succeeded in outliving him.


Acknowledgements ...4
Foreword ...5
Biographical Details ...9
Tournament and Match Record ...10
The Publisher's Comments ...12
1 C.J.S. Purdy - His Life ...13
2 C.J.S. Purdy - His Writings ...43
3 C.J.S. Purdy - His Games ...313

Purdy's Games ...314
The 'Search' Index ...393
Index of Openings ...414
Index of Articles ...415
Colophon ...416
The Purdy Library of Chess ...417

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