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The ChessCafe Puzzle Book

Karsten Müller
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 301

Artikelcode: 1-888690-21-6

The ChessCafe Puzzle Book

Improve Your Tactical Vision

Chess is 99% Tactics.

565 chess puzzles with every type of tactical motiffs, from the more common back rank mates, pins, skewers, forks and the like up to and including some of the most beautiful and rare combinations.

From the Introduction by GM Karsten Müller: 
"When coaching young players I have always given them a set of tactical exercises as homework, like my trainers did when I was young. I have benefited greatly from this, and still do. I have decided that it is best to sort the tacics by motifs first. This will help your pattern recognition, an extremely important skill."

Former Women World Champion Susan Polgar:
"It will help you to develop and improve your tactical vision tremendously"

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€ 19.95