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World Champion Aljechin

Robert Hübner
CD-ROM Version
Language: English

Artikelcode: 3-935602-15-4

World Champion Aljechin<br>

Alexander Alekhine dominated the chess scene from 1927 until his death in the year of 1946. Historical picture documents and more than 2000 Alekhine games make the great master come back to life. 

For the ambitious learner, the CD features two training databases. In topical videos, contempory grandmasters tell us which of Alekhine´s qualities they appreciate most. And Gary Kasparov, the world's strongest chess player of our times, says: "My idol in chess is Alexander Alekhine. His chess style corresponds best to the way I want to play chess" 

The CD-Rom contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Alekhine games (total over 1,700, a majority with analysis). Hübner has critically examined the written works of Alekhine, especially his analysis. The CD also contains historical documents and pictures, as well as video interviews with top players (Kramnik, Shirov, Gelfand) on Alekhine. Dr Hübner’s articles. 

€ 25.50